At Laramar, we understand the critical importance of doing our part, and we know that environmental responsibility is a value our community members share. That’s why we’ve formed the “Laramar Green Team” to explore ways our properties can be environmentally smarter.

think globally. act locally.

At The Laramar Group, we strive to create vibrant, sustainable communities where our residents are part of the positive impact on our environment. To achieve our mission it is critical that we operate properties with sustainability in mind, and that the choices we make — from the products that we purchase to our operational practices to how we engage with our residents on the topic of sustainability — become a part of who we are at The Laramar Group. 

We are excited about our sustainability journey, and are committed to being a leader in the industry by doing our part to protect the environment, engage with our residents and continue to deliver positive financial results for our clients and investors. 

We have developed a series of sustainability standards and purchasing guidelines that serve as a platform for our company as we implement our sustainability program across our portfolio. These standards and guidelines are divided into three distinct areas, and provide our community management professionals with the tools and resources that we need to not only implement our program, but to advance our sustainability efforts for the future. These three areas are: 

Sustainable infrastructure

a focus on sustainable purchasing for community improvements as well as product and equipment replacements.

ongoing operations and maintenance

including sustainable practices and purchasing of ongoing consumable items and products that are used on a regular basis.

resident engagement and employee participation

a focus on sustainable purchasing for community improvements as well as product and equipment replacements.

Within each of these focus areas we have provided a definition of the sustainability standards and guidelines, the benefits they provide for our residents, clients, investors and our company and the necessary tools and resources that are required for successful implementation. Many of these standards are designed to be put in place during the regular course of doing business, as we evaluate and renew our contracts, replace items and make ongoing purchases of materials that we use in our properties every day. 

We consider the environment in all of our business decisions

We all play a role in preserving the environment, for ourselves and for future generations. We have developed these sustainability standards and purchasing guidelines not only to provide each of us with the tools and resources we need to be successful, but to demonstrate our commitment to a better, more sustainable future. 

Laramar's set of Standards and Purchasing Guidelines are used as a resource to improve the environmental performance of each property, reduce costs and drive NOI. These categories include: 

sustainable infrastructure

  • Water Conservation And Management
  • Lighting Systems
  • Durable Goods
  • Community Improvements And Renovations
  • HVAC And Energy Efficient Equipment

ongoing operations and maintenance

  • Green Cleaning
  • Solid Waste Management And Recycling
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Ongoing Consumables
  • Standard Operation Procedures And Systems
  • Documentation
  • Programs To Engage Residents And Employees
  • Industry Engagement, Education And Professional Credentials