Laramar Company History and Overview

Founded in 1989, Laramar has grown from a small real estate investment company to a vertically integrated and distinguished national real estate investment and property management corporation with a multi-billion dollar portfolio. However, we haven’t forgotten the basic reason for our success: our people and the relationships they nurture. Our foundation is built upon a highly experienced, well-trained management team of real estate professionals who love their work and honor their commitment to both our clients and our residents. From acquisitions to accounting, property management to finance, each team member executes their role with strong dedication. The result is a team that is diligent and focused, understanding the needs of its clients and residents, and working tirelessly to build positive relationships and exceed expectations on every front.

For over 25 years, Laramar has delivered an unparalleled level of service to the real estate industry. The company has a large national platform that provides a comprehensive suite of both investment and asset management services, including: multifamily property management, development consulting, sustainability consulting, third-party revenue management, due diligence and construction management.

Laramar has specialized in managing and acquiring multifamily housing properties throughout its entire company history. Our success with these properties is achieved through the application of our Operating Platform or strategic re-positioning of assets through value-add projects. The company manages Class A to C properties, from high-rise urban to suburban garden-style. Laramar’s portfolio consists of over 30,000 units nationwide, both owned or third party managed. The company has a presence in 28 major markets from coast to coast and corporate offices in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with over 1,000 employees between our corporate offices and the field.

Attracting Top Talent Through a Top-Notch Brand
A good, authentic brand that aligns with company values is attractive to not only residents, but also top talent. People care about their company’s brand and seek out institutions with a reputation for quality and integrity.

Laramar’s foundation of tenured professionals contributes to our place as a top notch, institutional, investment, and property management company. The team’s experience has allowed us to build a nationwide platform of “best practices”, including differentiating ideas in technology, training, marketing and reporting that are implemented across our portfolio. The firm utilizes the collective experience of our associates, as well as the data that we have accumulated over its 25 year history to help identify and develop new opportunities. By analyzing historical, current and predictive views of its business operations, we achieve a competitive market advantage. Laramar’s entrepreneurial spirit is seen at every level of the company.  From our corporate offices to our associates in the field, each team member is given a voice and encouraged to contribute.  

Our Mission
Laramar strives to set a standard in apartment living. Every resident can be confident that our on-site and corporate staff are working to provide quality and consistent services to each resident in the community. 

At the end of the day, this is a people business and we feel that the ultimate success of every investment lies in the people on the ground. Laramar prides itself on its employees, selected for their experience and creativity, distinguished by professionalism and the ability to offer exemplary service at every level.

Laramar’s meticulous attention to detail means outstanding living spaces with unwavering maintenance standards and personalized service that will exceed expectations. Laramar continually strives to make a resident’s experience second to none.