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Q1 Laramar Love Award Winners
Apr 28, 2020

Our values bind us together and set us apart. They reflect what we believe, how we act and ways we thrive. They matter because they drive our culture – how we operate, collaborate, and celebrate.

In January 2020, we launched our new recognition program, #LaramarLove (Living Our Values Everyday). We have been absolutely blown away with the amount of participation in the program. Here are some fun facts:

  • Since launch you have sent over 2,700 badges to your team members! WOW!
  • Make it Happen is the most widely used badge. In Q1, there were over 600 badges sent in this value alone. Go For Wow and Make it Better Together are the second and third most used badge.
  • The least used badge was Be Humble. This is especially interesting because when we identified our values last year, this theme around humility was one of the most commonly heard sentiments about the people at Laramar from the team members that were interviewed.
  • The most recognitions were sent the week of January 27th, March 2nd, March 23rd and March 30th.
  • There have been 16 posts on Instagram using our hashtag, #LaramarLove.

Q1 2020 Awards

We are thrilled to unveil the first quarterly winners from our #LaramarLove Recognition Program. Winners were chosen based on number of recognition badges received between January and March, their overall participation in the recognition program, and the comments submitted by the badger.

Drum roll please…

Be What's Next: Alanna Maikovich

Not only was Alanna the most recognized employee overall in Q1, she is the clear winner of the Be What's Next Award. We heard about Alanna implementing a Hug-A-Hallway Program, starting weekly cross-training between office team members and maintenance team members to ensure both teams understand the demands of the job, and thinking outside the box with virtual leasing resources and making disinfecting wipes.

Own It: Joseph Shamburg

From coding invoices correctly, meeting deadlines on time, conducting patio audits, assisting residents with transfers and managing delinquency, Joe clearly exemplifies owning it. One #LaramarLove note read, “Knowing that maintenance is short staffed, Joe took it upon himself to pass out 10-days to all six properties! He didn't want to pull them away knowing they were super busy. Way to Own It and just get it done! We appreciate you!”

Make It Matter: Carla Schumacher

Carla's recognitions continuously mention her support. From mentoring through garage repairs to showing up for her teams during COVID-19, both emotionally and physically, Carla is making it matter. One comment Carla received reads, “Thank you Carla for coming out to the properties to make sure we were all taken care of, that we had what we needed, made sure we were all comfortable and answered questions to put us at ease. Thank you for leading by example and making it matter for your teams.”

Make It Happen: Sarah Kendall

With 13 recognitions in this category, Sarah clearly made it happen in Q1! Her #LaramarLove mentioned everything from supporting computers, phones, online leasing, late fees, AR clean up, RentMax training and more! And it's not just the software support our teams are noticing about Sarah, it's the “can-do” attitude she exudes while supporting, “Sarah Kendall deserves every badge in the program! Her patience with others and dedication to getting things done makes Laramar great!”.

Make It Better Together: Leslie Parker

Making it better together is essential to our success as a company. In Q1 2020, Leslie did that in so many ways for the many teams she supports; from help with creating virtual tours by purchasing cameras and delivering them to properties, to numerous brainstorming sessions, leaning in on Local, new development and Laramar branding efforts and even sharing payment ideas. We heard the following about Leslie: “Thank you for always being on top of what we need at Axis! From business cards, to uniforms and even hands on help with our open house! I appreciate you always jumping in and getting it done!”

Go For Wow: Jessica Ragan

From Compliance to Local by Laramar to Human Resources to Leadership and her Marketing team members, the #LaramarLove she received from so many different departments shows Jessica's impact on the organization. Not only does she support over 170 property websites and every single CRM, Jessica's comments also mention rolling out software solutions, conducting trainings, supporting COVID-19 resources numerous ways and being a joy to collaborate with. To quote a comment, her “support, creativity and willingness to spring into action is the best part of every day.” Way to go for wow, Jess!

Build Trust: Heller Bates

Doing what's right, not what's easy. Sharing mistakes and communicating honestly and respectfully. This is how we build trust at Laramar and what Heller has been recognized for in Q1. From saving a resident at Helix from moving out to helping a team member with an eviction, Heller has clearly built trust. As literally stated by a team member, “You have done a great job in building trust, by helping each of us out with the other's prospects coming in, and being a leasing machine, while working together!”, and the results speak for themselves, “Because of the trust you have created, we are under 6% exposure.”

Be Humble: Jeni Bierling

Supporting the learning and development of the entire organization is no small task. And doing it without ego is even harder but somehow Jeni does it day after day, with genuine care and concern. This #LaramarLove says it best, “Thank you for everything you do to bring Laramar together, increase the effectiveness of every single department, and support and empower all site teams.” And let's not forget to mention she's done all this in just over a year! Talk about real people producing real results!

Stay Nimble: Carla Lucero

Carla defines staying nimble in her position as Sales and Marketing Manager by offering to come in on her day off, leaning in while team members are on vacation, changing day-to-day plans to support communities outside of her portfolio and troubleshooting tedious software issues. One of Carla's #LaramarLove notes reads, “Thank you for always jumping back and forth to make sure we are all supported. You're constantly being pulled in a million different directions but you handle each task and situation with grace.” Way to pivot and grow, anticipate and evolve and repeat Carla.

Enjoy The Ride: David Junior

Arguably, one of our most important core values, enjoy the ride is a favorite among employees, and if you've ever seen David play whirlyball, you would agree, he is the perfect recipient of the first quarterly Enjoy The Ride Award. It's so important to celebrate victories and spread joy, as so much of our time as humans is spent at work and that's what David does, not just on the whirlyball court.

Congratulations to our first quarterly #LaramarLove recipients. Each person will receive an award that can be hung in their office or taken home and a $50 gift card.

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